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With a pinch of Viennese humour and a good portion of charm, the crypto-collective VRON has created unique personalities and originals, rooted in Austrian culture, as newly interpreted pixel art characters to bring the topic of blockchain, non-fungible-tokens and crypto currencies closer to the broad audience.

With CryptoWieners, the crypto-collective VRON has created a playful way to introduce a wide audience to the topic of digital art, as well as blockchain, non-fungible tokens, collectibles, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies. With a pinch of Viennese "Schmäh" and a good portion of charm, unique personalities and originals rooted in Austrian culture were newly interpreted as pixel art characters with 32 by 32 pixels and immortalized as NFTs (non fungible-tokens) on the Ethereum network.
The use of blockchain technology and NFTs provides proof of authenticity and ensures that each CryptoWiener is a verified hand-drawn unique item from our collection - "A echter Wiener", as Austrians would call it. Bound to a specific smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, each CryptoWiener ERC721 token can be viewed at any time via its respective Ethereum address. This means that every Cryptowiener can be traded, exchanged or gifted by its owner without any restrictions. Using the ERC721 standard enables NFT owners to interact with a constantly growing number of decentralized applications.

Each Cryptowiener is thus irrevocably immortalized and open for many potential applications.


Our goal is to bring blockchain technology to the public in a snackable and humorous way. For this reason we have created an online art gallery on Cryptovoxels, a decentralised virtual space where every visitor becomes a virtual explorer. Anyone with access to an internet connection can visit our gallery from almost any device and browser to discover many scenes from Vienna we have built with a lot of fine 3D details. The gallery and its surroundings act as a virtual meeting room for live events and as a playground for various activities like skydiving without a parachute, yoga classes, a public graffiti wall, virtual beer tasting and live concerts of real bands playing on our stage. The piano in the small cafe "Klein Wien" plays AI-generated music by the artist Hans Benzin and you will find typical Viennese expressions on the walls (even those expressions are tokenized!). You will discover central pillars of Viennese culture such as the "Würstelstand", an ancient snack place where you can order a "Hüsn" (beer), a "Spritzer" (white wine with soda), a "Leberkassammerl" (Austrian sausage in a bread roll) or a "Brickerl" (ice cream) if your virtual avatar gets hungry or thirsty. Drinks and snacks are handed to you in the form of wearables that you can equip your virtual avatar with. Those wearables are also NFT tokens (ERC1155) that can be collected and exchanged.

The best way to explore is to let yourself be enchanted by the Viennese humor and marvellous NFT pixel artworks in our open virtual art gallery.

Crypto Wiener and Friends - most famous collectibles

Man bringe den Spritzwein!