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CryptoPersonalities - Vitalik
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Cryptopersonalities are unique, purely fictional 32x32 pixel characters that may or may not resemble famous personalities in the cryptocurrency space. Each of these lovingly handcrafted NFTs exists exactly once on the Ethereum blockchain which means they're 10,000,000 times scarcer than Bitcoin. Cyrptopersonalities can be purchased and traded on OpenSEA. This project was launched by the CryptoWiener team as a way of raising funds for COVID-19 related grants."

where do the funds go?

100% of the proceeds will be donated to COVID-related causes until the virus is ultimately defeated. Currently, the funds will be split evenly between the following five Gitcoin grants:

Giveth / Fight COVID-19

Grassroots Economics

Mask + Test Kit Mutual Aid Fund

CuraDAO COVID-19 Campaign - Remote & Thriving

Open Source Covid Ventilators + Masks

VRON Team says Hi!

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